Best Hedge Trimmer for Tall Hedges

Many gardeners and gardeners ask this question. This information article aims to help answer the frequently asked questions: “how and what to choose a hedge trimmer?”.

A hedge trimmer is a garden tool used to process bushes and trees.

To date, a large number of hedge trimmers of various manufacturers are represented on the Russian market. A wide range of models does not allow you to quickly and unequivocally make a choice in favor of a particular hedge trimmer.

Best Hedge Trimmer for Tall Hedges

Buying a hedge trimmer, you first of all get an assistant who will facilitate the care of the garden and green plantations on the site, so its reliability and durability are of great importance. In addition, hedge trimmers for tall hedges, like any good tool, is not a cheap pleasure, and it is extremely important to invest money wisely, choosing the model that best suits the needs that have arisen.

Choosing a hedge trimmer that would meet your requirements should be guided by the characteristics of the treated objects (shrubs, trees); tasks that you set for yourself; Your abilities and habits.

Designs of hedge trimmers

By design, hedge trimmers are divided into 2 main groups:

  • The first group – hedge trimmers, structurally similar to the trimmer (grass mower, haymaker). A hedge trimmer of this kind consists of knots similar to the trimmer: electric or gasoline engine; rod, transmitting torque to the cutting head; Cutting tools, which, as a rule, serve as a circular saw.
  • The second group – hedge trimmers, called by virtue of their construction by gasoline scissors. Gasoline scissors are most similar to the chainsaw design, and the main difference is in the saw set. In gasoline scissors instead of a static bus with a mobile chain, two knives are used, moving in the same plane. The cutting is carried out both with the direct and reverse movement of each of the knives, which is caused by sharpening the teeth of the saw set on both sides.

Petrol scissors are used mainly for shaping shrubs, leveling and processing hedges.

Types of hedge trimmers

Designs of brush cutters

Mechanical hedge trimmers are the easiest and easiest to use type of tool, requiring minimum maintenance and low acquisition costs. Mechanical hedge trimmers are garden shears with long handles, thanks to which a shoulder is created, increasing the applied force in the place of cutting.

Electric hedge trimmers (electric shavers) are used as the basis of an electric motor and are more powerful than mechanical hedge trimmers, which makes them suitable for more intensive and frequent use. Electric hedge trimmers are equipped with an electric cord through which the connection to the mains is made.

Electric hedge trimmers are cheaper than gasoline analogs, they do not need fueling and periodic maintenance, but for all their advantages they have shortcomings: they require mandatory presence near a constant power source, without which they simply can not be operated; they are less powerful compared to gasoline analogues.