Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers For Tall Hedges

Hedge trimmers in the garden area will always remain a reliable assistant in caring for the beauty of planted trees and bushes, and every horticulturist knows that this modern appliance will help make the site beautiful and well-groomed. It’s good that the market of household appliances has expanded in recent years, and now saw and secateurs replace modern and functional hedge trimmers.

Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers For Tall Hedges

If you are still in the choice of this wonderful device that will help quickly and efficiently trim trees and bushes, without much physical effort and with good efficiency, we suggest you to understand the wide range of models on the market to choose a hedge trimmer that will make your site well-groomed and perfectly beautiful.

How to choose the hedge trimmer

Before you go to the salon-store of garden equipment to select a hedge trimmer, you should determine for what purpose you need this device.

First of all, determine the amount of work to be done by the hedge trimmer, if you have a small plot near the entrance to the house, do not buy expensive gasoline models, a light enough hedge trimmer for trimming bushes. And if your site is overgrown with solid varieties of trees, you should choose powerful models with a wide selection of attachments. Also, from the complexity of the work, the selected hedge trimmer can have different directions of work. Depending on what kind of nozzle for the hedge trimmer you choose, each model can do different types of cuttings of bushes and trees: modeling for ornamental shrubs, rejuvenating for pruning dry branches, thinning to accelerate the growth and productivity of trees and bushes, and regulating.

If you walk around the site, choose autonomously working models, and if you have just a small flower bed at the entrance to the house, 30 meters of the cord from the outlet is enough. Also pay attention to the fact that some models require constant recharging, so if you do not have such an opportunity, it’s better to take models on a gasoline engine. Consider also the weight of the hedge trimmer, because some of them can be quite heavy with their mobility.

Characteristics of modern hedge trimmers

Characteristics of modern brush cutters

The main criteria for choosing a hedge trimmer are its power, weight, duration of operation from one battery charge and cut quality. It is the latter parameter that directly depends on the speed of rotation of the blades, therefore, it is this work part that should be paid the closest attention.

The longer the hedge trimmer is, the more comfortable it will be to work with the tool, but it also affects its weight. For cutting small bushes and trees, enough blades are 35-45 cm long, but larger branches and trees are conveniently cut with a blade up to 60 cm.

More details

Some models of hedge trimmer have a set of nozzles with two-sided or one-sided blades, but the most convenient are mutually cutting knives that provide high quality cuts.

To select a good hedge trimmer, you should also pay attention to the handle. In light models of modern hedge trimmers, a single handle is sufficient, but it is more convenient to hold heavy models with high power with both hands.