Best Pole Hedge Trimmers

Working in the garden is a very tedious task, it is rather difficult to cope with it without special skills and suitable techniques.

Tall Hedge Trimmers

And garden trees and bushes require special attention when it comes to pruning. Therefore, the first thing that should be in the technical arsenal of an experienced gardener is a good hedge trimmer.

What are the characteristics of a hedge trimmer?

It would seem that it could be easier than going to a specialized store for a conventional hedge trimmer. But in fact, not everything is so simple. After all, the choice of tools for cutting branches is huge, which can put even a professional into a dead end, and even a horticulturist-amateur is not at all surprising. Therefore, before you make a purchase, you should thoroughly understand the basic characteristics of hedge trimmers.

  1. The first step is to pay attention to the weight and convenience of the device, because it depends on these characteristics, you can “make friends” with him or not.
  2. The power and speed of overclocking are yet another important parameters on which the productivity of the work being done depends.
  3. The presence of a good anti-vibration system is an important indicator of comfortable operation with the device.
  4. A special knapsack will ensure that the load is distributed evenly.

Types of hedge trimmers

Types of brush cutters

If you are far from a professional in the field of garden technology, it is better to know in advance about the types of hedge trimmers, depending on the type of their engine. It is this characteristic, perhaps, that is key when choosing the necessary device.

Hedge trimmer with gasoline engine

This hedge trimmer is suitable for those whose garden is impressive in size (because it works autonomously), and you need to cut thick branches (this allows you to make high power of the device). But, like any gasoline engine, it has significant disadvantages: heavy weight (which makes it difficult to work), noise and poor protection from vibration.

Hedge trimmer Oleo-Mac HC 265 XP

Such hedge trimmer is good because it suits both professionals and amateurs. It can easily cope with long branches (length of cut – 60 cm), will carry out not only garden, but also figured pruning. And the plants themselves will not be damaged. The power of the Italian carpet cutter Oleo-Mac HC 265 XP is no less than 1 hp, which allows it to cut off branches of medium thickness. But the mass of this device can be attributed to the category of minuses (5.2 kg), since it is quite difficult to operate such an instrument on weight. And the price is unlikely to seem low.

Stiga SHM 170

This is another gasoline device, which costs a little more than the previous one ($ 565) and is in no way inferior to it in the characteristics. The Stiga SHM 170 hedge trimmer is a versatile device that is suitable for all kinds of work: figured trimming, garden pruning, cropping crowns, creating hedges, so What is the Best Trimmer for Tall Hedges?

Despite the relatively small power of the trimmer (1,1 hp), its other characteristics are sure to please. Thanks to the laser sharpening, the blade of the device will always remain sharp, and a good anti-vibration system will make the work comfortable and comfortable. But the weight again is not small – 5.7 kg.