How to Choose the Best Kitchen Mixer

Many are sure that such a device is a relic of the past. Why think about how to choose a mixer when you can buy a blender or even a food processor.

Meanwhile, the mixer is an excellent assistant in the kitchen, which is able to beat the dough for pancakes or waffles, and grind fruit for the baby in mashed potatoes. Not everyone can afford to buy a combine.

A low-cost mixer is able to cope with some of the functions of an expensive unit. And if these functions are just what you need, you can go to the store for a mixer.

Type of Kitchen Mixer

Manual – a device that must be held in hands during operation. Advantages – compact size, ease of use, low cost. Disadvantages – low power, limited work functions.
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Stationary – such a mixer has a special container and holder that are mounted on a stand. It does not require additional human intervention in the operation of the device. Advantages – versatility, has many additional functions compared to a hand mixer. Disadvantages – bulkiness, difficulty in cleaning, high cost.

Combined – the design resembles a stationary model, but can also be used as a hand mixer, if you disconnect it from the stand. The combined model combines the advantages of the two previous types of mixers.

Confectionery – consists of a body with an engine, a kneading nozzle and a bowl (bowl). This is a separate type of mixer, designed for a large volume of products, processing dense mixtures and any kind of dough. The planetary model is equipped with a control panel and a timer.


Corollas – two nozzles for whipping cream, eggs, cream and other liquid products. Corollas are presented in two types: a wire frame (in low-power devices) or structures with metal blades (in powerful models). Practice shows that the second variety is characterized by greater functionality.

Blender nozzle – a special nozzle with knives, protected by a cap to avoid splashing. It is very convenient for making sauces and vegetable purees for children.

For mashed potatoes – a nozzle in the form of a disk. It makes it possible to prepare homogeneous mousses, fruit and vegetable sauces, mashed potatoes.

For the test (hooks), these are two nozzles in the form of spirals. Designed for mixing and whipping thick dough.

A bowl with a grinder is a bowl with knives at the bottom of it. Designed for minced meat, chopping herbs, cheese and other more solid foods.

Electric knife – used for cutting vegetables, bread and other products.

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