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How to Install Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Summer is here and many are finding ways to beat the heat, but amongst many choices, installing an outdoor ceiling fan is one of the most popular choices which can increase the flow of air outside. This article will help you to have a clear understanding that you don’t have to pay someone to help you to install that fan, you can do it yourself.



Step 1

You’ll need to select the right fan. You will have to choose the fan’s model based on the type of ceiling that you have. If you have a really high ceiling, you should try a model with a pole extender, if you have a fairly low ceiling you should try a flush mount model. Now that you have found the right fan, now you would have to select the place which you would like to increase the flow of air. If you wish to cool down a large space, you would need bigger blades, and it would need a strong blade, and vice versa. Also, you will have to make sure that the area you are installing to have the electrical circuit’s support, but also to make sure that it has the voltage output that your fan requires.

You have to install a support brace. All the outdoor fans are made with weather resistant materials which can make sure that moisture is kept out of critical motor and electrical parts. When installing, you’ll have to turn off the electricity, and make sure that the existing light fixture is removed, then you have to attach the support brace to the electrical junction box. I would kindly suggest you install the fan blades before you hook the fan on to the bracket, to save time and effort. In addition, if you want, you can replace the brace that you have given to, to a better one, so that you can make sure your fan will be properly supported, it would not fall or move away in the near future.

Step 3

Finally, you will need to connect the wires with the fan. Now you have to make sure that all the wires are properly connected with the fans, but also you have to make sure that using weight strips to maintain the balance amount all fans. So, when spinning, the fan will spin at a plain level, not at an angle. It will also reduce wobbling, and give a better cooling experience at the area you wished to cool down. You now have to plug in the power and see if the fan works properly or not, if not, you would have to contact your local supplier, and ask for further assistance. Many of the fans come with a remote control, make sure that yours have that too! If not find out how to adjust the speed of the fan via other medium. Finally, this article does not promise you that you will have an easy time at installing this, nor is responsible any injuries if one decides to try this method out, try this at your own risk.

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