Plunge Router MK1800

How to Use a Plunge Router?

Are you a craftsman expert with your equipment that is no getting obsolete due to new products? Do not worry about these things now. You can get the best cutting tools with a single click. Get to your trusted online store and buy the items which suit perfectly to your need. No instead buy Makita RP1800 plunge router.

Have you ever used a plunge router and thought about its advantages? Then get one right now and have fun using this all in one cutter. Get a strong grip of this plunge router with both your fists and do not forget to cover your eyes with protection glasses before cutting.

How to use the Plunge Router?

Makita RP1800 router


First of all get your trusted Makita Plunge router in your stock and then begin your job with this amazingly feasible plunge router. Your woodwork is now incomplete without this instrument. Routers are basically of two types, they are either fixed base or plunge based.

The fixed base router is fixed at a desired position from the ground and then it is operated. The fixed router has a definite depth. Whereas in the plunge router, there is variable depth and that can be changed manually.

In this type of router, the bit is locked first, and then the surface of the wood is plunged by the router in and out of it, as per the need.

The router bit has different sizes as well as the speed of the router shank can be varied upon a requirement of the work.

What is special in Makita RP1800 plunge router?

Makita RP1800 plunge router

There are the following important and noticeable features of Makita up 1800 plunge router:

  • RP1800 Plunge router has a powerful motor which comprises a power of 15 AMP. And thus it is used for smooth plunging.
  • It provides a smooth operational performance and increases the efficiency of work due to the reason that its ball bearings are linear providing high-quality operations.
  • The capacity of the plunge router is from 0″ – 2-3/4″. Due to which its penetration into the piece of woodwork is easy.
  • High precision of Makita rp1800 gives a perfect experience, as the depth is adjusted till the level of micro control precision.
  • The perfect tool for safe use and easy to handle with the help of side handles on the plunge router to grab and operate on the wood surface.

The installation and removal of this whole apparatus are very simple plus it can be easily understood from the user manual that comes with this equipment. The best part about Makita rp1800 is that it is highly portable, you can take it from your home to workshop with no extra effort and carry it along anytime you want.

Then what are you looking for? Don’t you want to complete the half done woodcraft in your garden and build something new now? Grab your personal crafting machine and start building amazing wood art pieces at home.

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