Top 5 Uses for Your Curtains

Curtains are often seen as boring necessities to your home. They simply keep people from looking into your homes. This is no longer strictly true, as curtains have many very useful and money saving functions.

They can be transformed into different household necessities or be used in their traditional sense but with a different purpose.

This article presents the top five alternative uses for your curtains:

A Main Feature In Your Interior Design

Yes, in this point curtains are being used as curtains, but in the boring sense of curtains. They are a vital feature of your interior design without which the whole theme would collapse. If, for example, your room is themed around the use of a bold spring color such as lime green, you may be stumped with how to start. Accent pillows are important, as well as rugs and wall art, but what will really bring this design to live and draw the spectators are long, cascading curtains in this eccentric color.

Outdoor Porch Curtains

Outdoor Porch Curtains

In the summer, we all love to love outside and enjoy the weather. When you’re sitting in your porch and having a nice conversation, everyone who walks or drives past always stares at you. This can be quite annoying as you’re trying to enjoy each other’s company as well as the weather without being stared at. Hanging some curtains across your porch, gives you the choice of when you want your small group to be exclusive and when you want to stare back at the world.


Your curtains can be completely redesigned and given a brand new function whilst simultaneously saving you money. You can easily turn some curtains into lovely cushions and accent pillows. All it takes is a little cutting and sewing knowledge to create something unique while saving you money in the long rum.

A design that may be a bit much or overwhelming as a curtain will make a great and interesting cushion. You’d be surprised how quickly something just laying around can become something of great use and also beautiful!

Duvet Covers

If you’re a keen sewer, or just want to save yourself some money, then consider transforming old curtains into new duvet covers. Simply measure your duvet, and measure your curtain and away you go.

You may want a softer material for the inside on the duvet cover, but this could be an old bed sheet that you no longer use.

Wall Art

Wall art is becoming a very popular accessory to homes, but unless you are a talented artist, it’s not a cheap item to have. You can cut your curtains, particularly those with patterns into squares and frame them. You can also cut the curtain into different shapes, i.e. triangles and rectangles, and arrange them into an interesting pattern in the frame. If you have plain curtains, but different colors then you could combine these colors into a picture. The possibilities here are endless, and the cost minimal.

The possibilities for alternative uses for curtains are also endless. These five are designed to get your creativity started. A bit of imagination and some keen craft skills will soon get you recycling your curtains in many home related and design related manners.

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