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What are the most popular trucks in the USA?

Right now, some of the largest truck makers in the USA are making large models. The companies that are producing trucks that are the most popular – Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo, Peterbilt, International, and Tesla Semi.

Most popular trucks in the USA

These companies are making freight trucks that make long highway deliveries. These cars are used to haul all kinds of goods, but perhaps most importantly, they haul food. Especially in America, the long highway system is used to cart all kinds of fresh produce and prepared food across the country.

People depend on these models for reliable, timely delivery of their fresh produce to not only the grocery store but too large dealerships for commercial food and restaurant supply as well. These models haul carefully packed commodities for the business to customer and business to business markets.

Therefore, it is essential that these models haul things on time without breaking down. Reaching high speeds of 75 miles per hour on some highways with a heavy load attached is no easy feat.

These cars have heavy freight loads and must not only haul the loads at top speed, but they must handle well in addition to that. Trucks have expert drivers, but they have to be built for the job of handling and turning onto weigh stations and around corners in town so that they can access the delivery sites.

They are not just built for the highway. For these reasons, quality workmanship on the truck is essential to reach peak production and popularity. These makers are achieving that in the modern market.


freightliner trucks

Freightliner began in the 1930’s, and today is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. They are committed to fuel-efficient trucks that haul without breaking down.

Their most popular models are the class eights, but they are also known for their class five, six, and seven trucks. They are a division of Daimler Trucks North America today. These models are well known for their durability, in addition to their reliability.


Kenworth trucks

Kenworth models were originally designed in the early 1900’s in Portland, Oregon. They were originally designed with a six-cylinder engine and were the first trucks of their kind to carry the six cylinders.

Today, the company is global and is owned by PACCAR, Inc. The headquarters are in Kirkland, Washington. These cars were originally ideal for carrying the large logging industry products, which are an important aspect of the Pacific Northwest economy even today.


volvo trucks usa

Volvo is another global truck company, which at one time was the world’s second largest producer of freight trucks. Volvo is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and in the reorganizing of Volvo in 2012, the brand was incorporated into Volvo Group.

The group also makes Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks, and UD Trucks. Volvos are known for their durability and excellent engineering. Although the company and its manufacturing are international, Volvo class eight trucks are made in Dublin, Virginia, in the United States.


Peterbilt trucks

Peterbilt is an American company with headquarters in Denton, Texas. The cars were originally manufactured in Oakland, California, in the East Bay. PACCAR, which holds Kenworth Trucks, also owns Peterbilt.

These are considered some of the most powerful trucks on the market. They were originally made from Army trucks, but today the class eight series is manufactured in Denton, Texas.


International trucks

International is an American company based in Lisle, Illinois. Among the most popular trucks in the USA, these trucks were originally meant for hauling food. In the 1930’s, the depression caused a decline in agriculture business, and the parent company of International began diversifying to military models and school buses.

They continue this tradition today, working on energy star delivery trucks used by FedEx and other businesses.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi

The Tesla Semi is a new truck, announced previously by the Tesla corporation, which is based in Palo Alto, California. This model is set for production in 2019. It is a totally electric class eight hauler with pre-orders, notably from Anheuser-Busch, DFIL, and FedEx.

This model has a reported hauling distance of 500 miles, with a reported 400 miles on an 80 percent charge. This charge is supposed to take 30 minutes, which is not too much longer than a gas stop for a large model. This model is a revolutionary type that could combat climate change in the city.

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